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A Research Letter Written by Havah © 2020

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A Research Letter Written by Havah

Interpreting facts, verifying interpretations

Books about social science tend to fall into two categories: those that explain empirical research to lay people in the hope to enlighten and amplify a wide readership, and those that try to persuade lawmakers, social activists, and the engaged reader in creating unique models for specific/niche populations. In her debut book, “Guess Who’s Coming To The White House?”, Havah (an immigrant from South America) achieved both goals—-reached the public at large (nationals and immigrants) and changed the immigrant narrative (her book is not an autobiography, but a 21st-century chronicle seeking responses and solutions that are contextual and tailored to both American nationals and immigrants).

What stands out in “Guess Who’s Coming To The White House?” is the vigorous, factual narrative presented through the lens of extensive academic research. The result is an exploratory investigation of a wide range of immigration topics—from American Presidents and foreign policies to confluent issues. Havah’s immigration reform proposal–the Residency Pass–is an example of a novel perspective and a change on the victim-villain dichotomization debate. This arch reaching thought-provoking proposal—citizenship moratorium, abolishment of birthright citizenship for children of immigrants, and the creation of a “residency pass” for undocumented immigrants, not citizenship—sheds light on immigrants’ (real) political rights and ethical boundaries, while honoring/recognizing their contributions to the development of the American continent. To Havah, the confrontational and irrational discourse of radical/regional sectors on immigrants’ role exemplifies the deterioration of American values and the Great American Experiment.   

“The establishment of our new Government seemed to be the last great experiment, for promoting human happiness … in civil society.”

George Washington, 1790

Havah’s exploratory research helps to demystify the dichotomy of the “immigrant-hero” / “immigrant-villain”— she presents a humane, realistic depiction of immigrants’ experience in American society — immigrants living in a survival mode and a broken immigration system.

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