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I am a freelance professional. How do I submit my portfolio for review?
Havah House Co. Publishing Division hire their freelancers directly.

How do I request reproduction rights for a portion of an Havah House Co. book or digital material for educational use?
If you wish to reproduce literary material for academic use, please e-mail info at havahhouseco dot com

How do I submit my manuscript to Havah House Co. for publication?   
Havah House Co. does not accept artwork or unsolicited submission queries at this time.

How do I find author readings, signings, or speaking events?
You may view all public events in the “media” section (tba).

For inquiries related to a specific book or event, e-mail: info at havahhouseco dot com

All requests for permission to use a photo or text reproduction in your publication are to be submitted via e-mail.

We appreciate hearing from you. For privacy reasons, we are unable to give out personal addresses or phone numbers.

We are going deeper, not wider–a light in the darkness.

The day after tomorrow: a world of hyper personalized ‘glocal villages’. Havah House Co. — A pro-environment and toxic-free future ‘Californian Entertainment Village’.

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